Darrol's 3 Cs

WHO I HELP--People who want REAL and AUTHENTIC connections , conversations and friends.  People who are missing contact and satisfying relationships with people and thus at times feeling isolated and / or lonely.  People who are shy. People who want to improve their people and communication skills--face to face. People who want to improve their relationships.


#1 The Secret of Making People Like You


#2  How to Connect With and Talk  With Distracted People...including friends and family.


#3  How to: Meet and Talk with Anyone...Anytime...Anywhere...including strangers.

The 3 Cs Course

Really ENJOY and EXPERIENCE people, friends and family. Also, learn 3 Powerful and Useful Communication Skills.

SIX Modules with Workbook

#1--Introduction to the 3 C's

#2--People / Relationships / Friends




#6--Enjoy and Experience people and friends more

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About Me and The 3 Cs

Please watch this short video.


Communications Expert

I love to learn-- especially about communication and relationships.  After going from an extrovert to a very shy teenager and then back to an extrovert later in life--I have learned a lot about communication and relationships.  Returning to college at forty to pursue a degree in Communications also helped my understanding of relationships and ability to communicate well.  

I put it all together after moving over 2000 miles. Did not know anyone in my new home, the state of Washington. The isolation and loneliness influenced me to improve my communication skills further. Also, to discover actions to meet people and create enjoyable and satisfying relationships. I decided on the number of good friends I wanted -SIX.  I succeeded. In one year had six friends in my new home.  Met one friend while hiking in MT Rainier National Park. We created a great friendship in three months--that we still enjoy today.


My Secret Sauce

I care deeply about our conversations, relationships and friendships.  And You!  I want to turn us back towards real connecting, real conversations and real authentic close friends we spend time with.  To do this, I encourage less technology and more  time with people--face to face. Also, I teach how to talk with anyone, anytime, anywhere and really enjoy and experience people, friends and family.

 Furthermore, I teach three communication skills that enable anyone to improve there connecting and conversation abilities.  There is a 6 module course and workbook to help you accomplish that.  Audio is easy to use and review. At the end of each audio--and in workbook--there are three effective and powerful actions, so you can apply the knowledge.  I made the course very effective and easy to learn with--wanting to make a positive difference in your life!  There are also three valuable ebooks and a very affordable membership program if desire.

I am not about using various technologies, social media---screens to communicate, to network, nor to make and keep friends.  But to actually be in their presence.  This is where a huge increase in enjoyment, satisfaction--and benefits comes from--face to face.  We need to experience the presence of people in our lives...not only their words on a screen!

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ENJOY Connecting, Conversations, People and Friends MORE....... Experience enjoyment, satisfaction and benefits from good communication, relations and friendships--more happiness, improved health, personal growth, career / business success, and dating options.

FROM Prince EA--Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me.  WATCH his awesome video with link https://youtu.be/dRl8EIhrQjQ

Prince says, "You need not drastically minimize your time on social media and commit to spending time completely unplugged.  The message is simple, be balanced, be mindful, be present, be here :)"

"Devi has been very successful in her career in technology and was working at one time for one of the largest tech companies. She left that and went into coaching and now has started her own company which continues to grow. Devi shared with me, "One of the skills that has made the most difference in my career has been the ability to powerfully communicate face to face with others."

Devi Adea

"A very good friend of mine, Darrol, was really helpful as I was trying to decide where in the Northwest I should reside--after leaving Detroit MI several years earlier. I had left Detroit far behind. Darrol said, "Go back to Detroit--that is where your friends and deep roots are." I have been back in Detroit now for 74 days and every day is fantastic. Thanks good friend, you spoke with ...Boldness"

Bill Brako

" Darrol has been a professional student of communications. While studying at the University of Michigan, he excelled in logic understanding, maturity, and creative thinking. He continues to strive toward helping others understand the necessity of human contact in all communication possibilities with excitement and a desire to share his years of education, readings and experience."

Bill Kenner

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and SAVE

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 Enjoy connecting and conversations--and people more

Experience pleasure and benefits from good communication, satisfying relationships and close friends--more happiness, improved health, personal growth,  career success, and dating options.

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