Ok ! let's change the world --And / Or make a positive difference in many people's lives

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2018

Hey hi...how are you doing...hope all is well

wow--yahoo--there is a LOT on interest in what my business is all about and my objectives and goals---to get people back to enjoying and experiencing people, friends and family face to face.  And of course, the biggest push and influence to making this happen is the realization that all these screens --including how they are hurting --messing with--our experience and enjoyment with our communications and relationships and friends.  Furthermore, they are hurting our abilities to communicate face to face--we are losing those skills.

And so, one thing I have decided to do is focus my marketing efforts on selling my main product--the audio course.  This is what can bring great positive change into a person's life.  Therefore, get it for yourself.  I actually am currently offering a 60-day guarantee and three months free of my membership program.  And, talk to three people about it--encouraging them to get...

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"Time Well Spent"

Uncategorized May 29, 2018

Hey Hi...how are you doing...hope all is well...

Wow- There is some serious stuff happening regarding technology because of its negative impact on us.  A former executive did a Ted talk and was saying that the number one objective of these social media and technology companies is to get our attention.  And, to get it as long as possible. All these engineers working for these companies are trying to make their products get and keep our attention longer and longer!

That is amazing and pisses me off!  As I often say, "life is short, life is precious".  Well, these companies are trying to "steal" our time--our life.  Fuck them!

 And it is only to make them more money and the companies that pay for advertising on them.  I am going to join this movement to turn us back to face to face with people and less time looking at a screen.  Please do so also.

take care,

Be well


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I am...back--to leave something behind

Uncategorized May 20, 2018

Hey Hi...how are you doing...hope all is well

After that vacation I got distracted--shoot.  Well this past week I refocused on what I must do now for people and the world.  I am reminded of a song I have in a Playlists--"To Leave Something Behind".  That's what I want to do...and will do--that's the plan.  Here are the lyrics...

I cannot say that I know you well
But you can't lie to me with all these books that you sell
I'm not trying to follow you to the end of the world
I'm just trying to leave something behind
Words have come from men and mouse
But I can't help thinking that I've heard the wrong crowd
When all the water is gone my job will be too
And I'm trying to leave something behind
Oh money is free but love costs more than our bread
And the ceiling is hard to reach
Oh the future ahead is broken and red
But I'm trying to leave something behind
This whole world is a foreign land
We swallow the moon but we don't know our own hand
We're running...
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Banff Alberta Canada---WOW

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2018

Hey Hi

How are you...hope all is well...

WOW- the Canadian Rockies were incredible.  I had been waiting for over thirty years to see Lake Louise nestled down in the mountains---and the hotel at the other end.  I have been seeing pictures of that in magazines since in my 20's.  That's when I was into skiing and read--looked at---well read and looked at--haha Ski magazines.

Anyway, it was worth the weight.  The lake was actually frozen and so was able to walk across it.  I did that, and walked about a mile past the other end into deep snow.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The weather and the snow made me think, of and long for, Michigan. The winters there included cold weather and lot's of snow most every year.

It was a great vacation.  I did no work on the business and went on three great day hikes. The scenery and snow and weather all combined each day for a fabulous experience.  Well, it is time now to get back to work.  My message...

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Off the Grid--tomorrow for 7 days--yahoo

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2018

Hey, Hi...how are you doing...hope all is well...

Well, I am going to take a vacation and will be leaving tomorrow morning to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies.  This is someplace I have wanted to go for over THIRTY years!  Finally gonna do it.  Heading out on a train to Vancouver early and then on a bus for 12 hours!!!! I wanted to take a train all the way but there were no options for that.  Last time I took a long bus ride, it was horrible--all the way from Flint Michigan to Boise Idaho.  My children warned but I didn't listen.

Anyway, I have allowed this vacation to motivate me to work hard on my business.  I have redone all my OVO videos and created a new website.  All, are big improvements--that feels good.  When I get back on April 11th I will be ready to work hard again.  There are so many people out there who would benefit from the 3 Cs and my programs.  Like I said at the end of the new website video...


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I am a master of listening / connecting

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2018

Hey, hi...how are you doing...hope all is well

Finally figured out a way I can talk to strangers regularly.  I was trying to do this every day but that was not practical given my daily routines and how often I leave my house.  I leave the house every day but sometimes to do just some specific errand and want to get back soon.  

Anyway, my objective now will be to get out into the world and start a conversation with one stranger four times a week.  These days will usually be Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I am really excited about this and hit THREE days this past week.  The reward will be a massage--if I do this all four weeks in a given month.  This is going to be interesting and fun!

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Why I Blog...And What About

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2018

Hey Hi

How are you...hope all is well

I was reading a lengthy article this morning about blogging.  I soon realized that it was for people who, their main thing was blogging.  That is not me.  I blog too

--share who I am

--share my life--I can be very open and personable--that's just me

--talk about communication and the 3 C's--the three communication skills I teach--connecting, conversation and commune

--why I'm passionate about teaching and helping people to talk more --anyone, anytime, anywhere and the 3 C's and thereby, really enjoy and experience people, friends, and family

--what's going on in the world today and how we've been influenced and being influenced to do less communicating--connecting and conversations face to face.  And less experience of-- fewer relationships and friendships in peoples presence

The above is essentially what I will do in this blog.  Oh yeah, I want to change the world--at least for the people, I reach with my...

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" Face to face is the place to be"

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2018

Hey,  Hi

How are you doing...hope all is well

How do you like my branding slogan---" face to face is the place to be"

I am so committed to influencing people to see the value and importance of getting together with people.  It is amazing how much--many people don't even think about meeting others in person.  Or they think it is not necessary given time constraints.  I just had a very enjoyable time talking with a woman who is in my mastermind group.  She initially flew from France to go to a seminar in Florida.  Then, the plan was to spend some time in a few different states and end here in Seattle to meet with the leader of our mastermind.  

The main reason for extending her trip was to meet with this guy.  However, when finally here in Seattle and trying to arrange to meet for dinner--or something--he said that he wasn't sure he could do that because he was "so busy".  That's fucked up!  Many today, think and feel that...

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New Book---Alone Together

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2018


How are you doing....hope all is well

I started reading a very interesting book, "Alone Together" by Sherry Turkle.

All I can say is WOW--WOW--WOW.  Actually, I can say more than that---haha.  You know me, I can yak it up.  And listen, but I think I yak more than I listen.  I hope to turn that around.  I read somewhere and decided to believe that "listening is the greatest gift we can give someone".  Doesn't it feel good when someone really listens to you?  And afterward,  you think and feel they understand you.

Regarding the book--I am half way through it.  The author is talking about how technology is not only changing our lives but also us!  The first half of the book is about the "robotic moment".  This is regarding how technology and marketers and scientists and big business and new gadgets--including robots are influencing us to be ready to accept robots into our lives.  We are being shaped to see robots as not...

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Suicide--today a lot of people come to this place

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2018


How are you...hope all is well

The number of people who come to think that the answer is to end their life is amazing.  It is a very sad thing, especially when if they had just lived a little longer they likely would have come out or their depression.  I can share this from experience.  Several years ago I became very depressed and was seriously contemplating--and planning--ending my life.  Thank God, I had a close friend who I could be open with and share my thoughts and feelings.  Today, I am so excited about life and have had several years of which I am very grateful for since that dark time.

 I am not thinking that the reason people get to a place of deep depression and / or a decision to take their life is because of a lack of friends.  However, I do believe if many of these people had someone they could really open up with --face to face--and share thier feelings they would --many--decide against ending their life.

I am going to...

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